[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.0.14 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Wed Feb 16 02:53:21 CET 2011

I made some improvements to Ipe during my recent trip to Sydney.  The 
sourceforge hacking event stopped me from releasing it then, but since 
sourceforge seems to be back to normal now, here it comes.

I tried to build Windows binaries, but the setup that worked before no 
longer works - it builds files that do not run.  I have no idea what is 
wrong or when I would have time to look at this.  If anyone could build 
Windows binaries for the unenlightened masses, that would be great.



Ipe 7.0.14 (2010-01-27) SVN 474 Australia edition

  * Fixed saving of <pagenumberstyle> (bug #7).

  * Fixed iperender and thumbnails on 64-bit platforms.

  * Pressing Enter in view/page selector now jumps to the view/page
    (feature #24).  Shortcuts for view/page selector.  Original
    view/page highlighted in selector.

  * Background no longer hides page number in PDF output (bug #8).

  * Mark circle center now also works for arcs (bug #3).

  * Fit to selection/objects now fits to visible object, not including
    control points (bug #2).

  * Grid now only drawn inside page's frame area, drawn grid can be
    coarser than grid resolution, thick lines drawn at configurable
    steps (see prefs.lua)  (feature #17).

  * Correctly render Latex text inside symbols (bug #18).

  * matrix:inverse() no longer crashes on singular matrix.

  * Circle to ellipse transformation no longer crashes on singular
    ellipse (bug #21).

  * Easier to use symbols by remembering current symbol, which can then
    be inserted with one function key (Alt+Y) (feature #19).

  * Introduced pref.close_distance.

  * Paste at cursor now correctly observes pinning of the object.

  * Fixed serious memory leak in group object.

  * Implemented marking of pages and views for printing in Ipe, and
    selecting those in ipetoipe.


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