[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.0.13 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Fri Nov 26 05:31:42 CET 2010

The server for Ipe bugzilla was hacked a few days ago, and we lost one 
week worth of bug reports (two reports, I believe).

It seemed appropriate at this point to switch to use the Bug tracker on 
Sourceforge, where the Ipe downloads are already located.  Many thanks 
to Rainer Typke for creating Ipe bugzilla and maintaining it all these 

To be able to start with a clean slate on the new tracker, let me 
release a new version, hopefully with many new bugs so that you have 
reason to fill the new tracker :-)

Windows binaries will be provided when time permits (probably just 
before Christmas).



Ipe 7.0.13 (2010-11-26) SVN 466

  * Error message when document requires charset conversion but iconv
    is not compiled in.

  * Fixed selection of invisible objects.

  * New dialog for jumping to a page or view, showing thumbnails of the
    pages/ views.
    This is implemented using a new widget and function in
    libipeqtcanvas so that it can be reused easily:
    int pno = ipeqt::PageSelector::selectPageOrView(doc)

  * When using the ink tool, actual stroke color is used while

  * Pressing the eraser end of a pen should generate a middle button

  * New action: "fit to page width"

  * In handwriting mode, cursor is a dot.

  * New preference: prefs.coordinates_format

  * Feedback in status line for line and spline tools now permanent.

  * Pressing the pen without movement in ink tool now makes a dot.

  * Handwriting now creates paths with round line cap, regardless of
    current setting (but that can still be changed afterwards).

  * Safety check for reasonable locale on startup.

  * Layers now shown in the order in which they appear in views of the

  * Page sorter that lets you rearrange the pages of the document.

  * ipeqt::Canvas can now show page numbers, and Ipe will display page
    numbers on screen as in the PDF output if page numbering is


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