[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.0.11 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sat Nov 13 07:50:46 CET 2010

Having had some time in the guesthouse of IIT Delhi, I finished the 
changes for Ipe 7.0.11 - India edition.

No Windows binaries this time as I only brought my Sharp netwalker to India.



Ipe 7.0.11 (2010-11-13) SVN 444 India edition

  * Fixed definition of filled marks in basic.isy and presentation.isy.

  * Fixed loading of ipelets to occur before analyzing the
    configuration, to make customization work as documented.

  * "version" attribute in <ipe> tag was incorrectly filled with the
    Ipelib version.  Now using the file format version as intended.

  * Stylesheet can specify an alternate encoding for the Latex source
    file.  The Latex source is converted from UTF-8 to this encoding
    during Latex conversion.

  * Possibility to store notes with each page.

  * Fixed selection status in "Insert image" ipelet.

  * Fixed bug in Ipe6 stylesheet in ipe6upgrade.

  * Fixed bugs in alignment ipelet (thanks Norbert).

  * Added "mactex2009-fontmap.xml" (by Changmook Chun).

  * Use -dylib_install_name option on Mac OS.

  * Include "beamer.isy" to use math fonts as in beamer.

  * Changed temporary latex filename to "ipetemp.tex"

  * Small changes to make Ipe compile with Sun compiler (thanks
  * Fixed error reading views with no visible layer.

  * New preference prefs.automatic_use_title.

  * New -transparent flag for Iperender.

  * Possibility to clip to paper in ipeqt::Canvas.

  * config.screen_geometry provides width and height of default screen
    in Lua.

  * New preference prefs.auto_external_editor.

  * Shortcuts in linetool can be configured (#346).

  * Fixed display of line cap and line join in EPS (bug #331).

  * Ipe should now work with Texlive 2010 (bug #350).

  * Fixed bug in undo clipping (bug #333).

  * Lua code can show and hide dock windows using showTool.


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