[Ipe-announce] Preview 30 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Nov 26 19:17:23 CET 2007

I finally took the time to look at the problem caused by pdftex 1.40, 
and uploaded a new version of Ipe 6 that should solve this problem.
At the same time, two other major bugs were fixed (a crash in the circle 
intersection code and the broken user interface shown under certain 
Linux setups).

Only sources are available so far at

(follow the link to Luaforge)

but I'll hope to put up Windows binaries too in the near future.



Ipe 6.0 preview 30

  * Ipe now works with pdftex 1.40 (in MikTeX 2.6 and texlive 2007).

  * Pascal-Nicolas Becker, Frederik Hermans, and Damian Schmidt
    implemented the missing forms of intersection snapping (for arcs
    and Bezier curves), with bug fix by Jonathan Backer.

  * Fixed the broken user interface (fields were too small to contain
    the text) on Unix (removed a static QFont) (bug #191).

  * Figtoipe now distributed separately.


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