[Ipe-announce] Preview 28 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at tclab.kaist.ac.kr
Sat Dec 23 16:35:25 CET 2006

A Christmas release of Ipe is ready.  There are quite a number of
(smaller) changes, and some major additions for making styled
presentations (see below).

Since compgeom.org has been down a lot, the Ipe homepage is from now on:


Merry Christmas, and enjoy!



  * To allow for interesting styles that can be applied at will and
    exchanged to change the look of a presentation, there were several
    changes. The "layout" now defines the size of the paper and the
    'frame', a rectangular area where (most) drawing on a page will
    occur. The origin of the Ipe coordinate system is the lower left
    corner of the frame (no longer of the paper).  The frame can be
    anywhere on the paper, and is displayed with a dotted line on the
    screen.  The layout is specified in the style sheet (and so the
    paper size can no longer be changed from the UI).

  * Antialiasing now also works on systems without X Render extension.

  * Pages can now have a title (Page/Edit title and sections).  If a
    title is set, it is displayed on the page as defined in the style

  * Objects can now be pinned horizontally, vertically, or entirely.

  * Ipe no longer makes a distinction between 'textbox' and
    'minipage'.  The function "Insert textbox" actually inserts a
    'minipage', set to cover the entire width of the frame and
    horizontally pinned, with transformable set to false.

  * Textstretch is now a single scalar.

  * Snapping now recognizes the corners and the boundary of paper and

  * New alignment functions: left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and
    left-and-right, top-and-bottom.

  * New "Properties" menu, where the properties not in the properties
    panel can be set and changed (en masse).  Mark shape and
    transformable text have been moved here.

  * The layout of the properties panel can now be selected from three
    variants (one row, one column, and two columns as before).

  * Added "Change text width" to "Edit" menu (and a shortcut key).

  * Coordinate display shows units.

  * Automatic angular snap is now in force during moving.

  * Ipe now requires Qt 4.2 or higher (Qmake has silently changed its
    quoting syntax) (bug #176).

  * Moved layer renaming to layer list and fixed problem (bug #187).

  * New functions for moving to/selecting all in any layer.

  * Added -from and -to options to ipetoipe.

  * Fixed display of bitmaps in Background template in PDF output.

  * Fixed crash when a style sheet containing a template was updated.

  * Fixed paste-undo-undo crash (bug #198).

  * Ipetopng no longer needs an X server.

  * Hopefully fixed the bug that caused keyboard shortcuts to not work

  * Save and restore toolbar state (bug #197).

  * When the page is empty, "Fit objects" does a "Fit frame".

  * Removed canvas tooltip again.  It was too annoying.

  * Added "Move" ipelet by Gunter Schenck to distribution (bug #53).

  * Added "Euclidean Geometry" ipelet by Jari Lappalainen to


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