[Ipe-announce] Preview 25 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Thu Nov 24 06:32:06 CET 2005

It has been a year since Ipe 6.0 preview 23 was released, and so it's 
real time for an update.

This is a pretty major update - a lot has changed in the code.  This is 
not so much due to new features (there are only a few), but because 
Trolltech has finally seen the light and made Qt open source under 
Windows as well.   I have thus migrated to use Qt 4 (on all platforms), 
which allowed me to also switch to a free compiler on Windows.

For Windows users, little changes - just download the zip file and you 
are ready to run.  For Unix users, however, this will probably mean that 
you have to install Qt 4 before you can compile Ipe again.

Qt 4 will make a few nice new features possible in Ipe, but those are 
not implemented yet, and won't be before the SoCG 2006 notification 



Ipe 6.0 preview 25 (2005-11-24)

  * Migrated to Qt 4.0.0 and switched to MinGW compiler on Windows.

  * Added smallest enclosing circle ipelet written by Chris Gray to the

  * Removed the 'Postscript' file format.  The three Ipe file formats
    are now XML, PDF, and EPS.

  * 'void' is no longer allowed as a stroke color.  To draw objects
    without boundary, use the new 'void' line style.  This model allows
    for arrows without tails, and avoids problems with invisible text
    and marks.

  * If the style sheet contains a template with name "Background", this
    template will automatically be shown on each page.  There is no
    need to explicitely create a reference on each page anymore.
    This replaces the old "background" layer + reference mechanism.

  * Templates containing bitmaps are now supported (bug #100).

  * Minipage objects now have a "Latex style" - common Latex
    environments can be used that way without having to type them every

  * When Ipe displays the Latex log file, it highlights the errors and
    scrolls automatically to the first one.

  * Ipe can now number pages visibly in the PDF output.

  * Resolution of bitmaps displayed on screen now configurable.

  * Default line cap, line join, and fill rule can now be defined in
    the style sheet.  Object menu now shows them
    correctly (enhancement #79).

  * Ipe XML files can now have extension ".ipe" (enhancement #92).

  * Changes to stroke color of text objects are displayed immediately.

  * Option -runlatex for Ipetoipe (enhancement #88).

  * Loading and saving alternative formats replaced by auto-exporting.

  * Ipe XML parser now silently skips all tags whose name starts with
    "x-". This allows you to make XML files with more information, to
    be shared between other programs and Ipe (enhancement #110).

  * -nocolor option for ipetoipe (enhancement #107).

  * 'media' attribute is no in the <info> element, where it should have
    been all along.

  * Fixed building RPM from source RPM (bug #98, thanks to Laurent

  * Fixed -lastview option in ipetoipe (introduced in pre23 but didn't
    actually work...)

  * No more support for KDE (it doesn't use Qt 4).

  * Fixed bug #86 (incorrect XML for textsize).

  * Fixed bug #116 (error in IpeBezier::Straight).

  * XML comments now use correct syntax <!-- ... --> .

  * "Ipe5toxml" is no longer automatically called.

  * Fixed bug #103 (comment in last line of text object).

  * Recognize alternative names of standard fonts used in libwmf (bug

  * Fixed bug #77 (spaces in layer names).

  * Fixed bug #83 (editing a path lost arrows).

  * Fixed bug #102 (bookmark destinations were wrong).

  * Fixed bug #96 (vertical text caused Acrobat to fail opening PDF).

  * Removed handling of obsolete Ipe file versions in IpeImlParser.

  * A subpath consisting of a single moveto no longer causes Ipe to
    crash (but to fail an assertion).

  * Fixed bug #74 (New layer, new view keeps view settings).

  * "Last page" now goes to last page (not second-to-last one).

  * Snapping to center of arc works now.

  * Changed computation of dimmed colors (Qt's definition doesn't dim
    black at all).

  * Intersection snapping now works inside groups.


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