[Ipe-announce] Preview 26 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Wed Dec 14 07:05:47 CET 2005

As usual when there are significant changes in the code, preview 25 had 
its share of bugs.  Thanks to everybody who helped me chase them down!

Hopefully preview 26 will prove stable to server for a few months.  I'm 
program chair of SoCG 2006, and won't have time for a new release until 
late February 2006 at the earliest.

Main incompatibilities in this version are:

  * The "default" textstyle has been returned to its original meaning 
(and equals the Latex default style).  This should fix all the problems 
where text was suddenly formatted differently.

  * The interface for customizing Ipe's shortcut key assignments has 
changed completely (it's now much easier to use and requires no 
Trolltech tools).  See the section "Customizing Ipe" in the manual if 
you want to do this.  If you had customized Ipe shortcut keys in the 
past, you will unfortunately have to redo it.



Ipe 6.0 preview 26 (2005-12-14)

  * Added visibility polygon ipelet by Chris Gray.

  * Anti-aliasing enabled for lines and edges (this is controlled by
    the preference setting for anti-aliasing fonts).  Enabled

  * Changed how key assignments are defined.  Key assignments can be
    easily customized by editing an XML file.  Keyboard shortcuts can
    be defined for any Ipelet as well.

  * Changed "default" text style back to Latex default style (justified).

  * Fixed matrix problem in smallest-circle ipelet.

  * Fixed "pan here" (bug #119).

  * Fixed cancellation of color dialog (bug #121).

  * Added "About ipelets" to display proper credits for code used in

  * Virtual destructors to make g++ 4 happy.

  * Changed rendering of text (using QPainter::drawImage).

  * Fixed bug #122 (shortcuts for actions were not disabled during

  * Fixed bug #123 (Fifi bleeding).

  * Fixed default setting of editor font (bug #131).

  * Fixed problem in JPEG importing on systems where char is signed.

  * Starting to make snapshots available between releases.


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