[Ipe-announce] Preview 23 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at cs.uu.nl
Mon Nov 22 12:59:15 CET 2004

It appears that Ipe is stabilizing after the major changes introduced a 
few releases ago -- it has taken nearly three months before the list of 
bugs became again so long and embarrassing that I felt it necessary to 
do something about it.

Preview 23 fixes several of these bugs.  There are only two new 
features:  an option to ipetoipe that allows you to make PDF or 
Postscript files containing the _last_ view of each page only (this can 
be useful if you want to make (printed) handouts for a talk you are 
giving), and a converter for FIG files (as made by Xfig).  This isn't 
only convenient to convert old figures you (or your co-authors) made 
with Xfig, but also because there are quite a few programs (e.g. 
gnuplot, pstoedit) that can export to FIG format.

Another reason to release a version of Ipe at this time is that I've 
changed my address in the readme files (the address in Eindhoven is no 
longer correct).



Ipe 6.0 preview 23 (2004-11-22)

  * Option for ipetoipe to save last view of each page only (#69).

  * Fixed bug #70 (wrong filename for ipe5toxml)

  * Fixed bug #71 (compiler warning in qvoronoi.cpp)

  * Fixed ASCII85 encoder (if # bytes was multiple of 4, no EOD marker
    was generated).  Caused errors in Ghostscript, as reported by Jirka

  * Bug #72 appears to be fixed.

  * Fixed bug #67 (splinegons with less than 3 control points).

  * Fixed bug #65 (changing attributes and visibility of layers does
    not cause "edited" status of page to be changed).

  * Added "figtoipe", an auxiliary program that converts figures in FIG
    format (as created by xfig) to Ipe format.


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