[Ipe-announce] Preview 10 is available

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Mon Apr 14 11:17:31 CEST 2003

Ipe 6.0 preview 10 is now available on the website (ipe.compgeom.org).

Thanks to everybody who reported bugs or commented on features.

I rewrite the path object implementation completely in this revision,
so I could have replaced existing bugs by more interesting ones.  If
you use Ipe for real work, you may wish to keep preview 9 around for a



 * Changed calls to Freetype to be less dependant on Freetype
   version.  Ipe should now work correctly with the Freetype version
   already on the system.

 * "runlatex.bat" created with CRLF

 * Support for multi-key sequences if compiled with Qt 3.1.

 * Paragraph input dialog comes up with focus.

 * Function to move objects to current layer (in Layer menu).

 * Fixed bounding box of marks. 

 * Added "What's this" to snap buttons.

 * Fixed handling of text matrix (with "presentation.xml" style

 * Copy and paste for images fixed. 

 * Copy and paste for whole pages implemented.

 * Ipe is now usable with two-button mouse (see manual section "Mouse

 * Images will only be embedded once, even if they have been inserted
   several times from the same file.

 * Using system fontmap if available, otherwise allow installer to
   specify Ipe fontmap.  See "install.txt" for instructions.

 * Style sheet dialog.

 * Anti-aliased text.

 * Can change font of Latex source input fields.

 * Zoom spinbox buttons behave more reasonably.

 * Keyboard shortcuts for ipelets possible (and used by align ipelet)

 * Copy and paste of Unicode text works now.

 * Ipe checks for not matching header files/library version for libipe
   and libfreetype.

 * Large bitmaps are rendered at lower resolution to speed up

 * Reference point of text objects can be chosen, including baseline position.

 * Edit and Ungroup now available in Edit menu.

 * Ipelet/Align supports baseline alignment.

 * Pasting text creates a text object.

 * Displaying closed paths on-screen uses line-join properly now.

 * When saving a file, Ipe runs Pdflatex only if it's necessary.


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