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Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au
Tue Feb 20 05:59:57 CET 2018

- From: Nicolas Degallier
- To: Mike Dallwitz

>> In the DELTA sample data, the input file 'diag.inp' generates the Confor 
>> directives file 'empchari'. ... For generation of diagnostic descriptions 
>> per se, see 'tonatd' and 'tonatrd'; and for emphasizing the diagnostic 
>> parts in full descriptions, see 'tonatr' and 'tonatsr'.
> I couldn't find the tonatd or tonatrd files in my ALA version sample data

These files are recent additions to the sample data. They're in the 
current release of the CSIRO programs, and are also available at 

> However, I succeeded in emphasizing characters in the tonatr descriptions, 
> but creating diagnostic per se descriptions (diagnoses) would be very 
> useful indeed, as my main work is revising and describing n. spp.

Keep in mind that a diagnostic description generated on demand in Intkey 
is more flexible than a printed diagnostic description, because it can 
select characters from any subset, e.g. vegetative characters. By default, 
it uses the 'Available' characters. Thus, if you use it after completing a 
(tentative) identification, it won't include characters that you've 
already used.

For confirming an identification, it's even better to increase the error 
tolerance (choose 'Settings > Set > Tolerance') and just continue with the 
identification, because then you can choose which characters to use.

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