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Thanks, Mike.

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On 31 August 2016 at 20:56, Mike Dallwitz <m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au>

> - From: Jeremy Bruhl
> How do these newly released versions differ from that version available
>> from ALA? Does your release supersede the ALA version? Does the ALA
>> version need the same updates?
> The second paragraph at http://delta-intkey.com/www/programs.htm states:
> "The programs were originally written for Microsoft Windows by the CSIRO
> Division of Entomology, and were ported by The Atlas of Living Australia
> (ALA) to run under Windows or Mac OS X. This document describes how to
> download and configure the CSIRO version. The ALA version is available at
> http://downloads.ala.org.au/p/Open DELTA/."
> The two sets of programs are based on different source code, and therefore
> have different sets of bugs :-). The CSIRO programs currently work in
> Windows only. The ALA programs work in Windows and Mac OS X, and require
> the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
> The ALA port includes only the DELTA Editor, Confor, Dist, Key, and
> Intkey. These are intended to have the same functionality as the CSIRO
> versions.
> The CSIRO DELTA System includes several other programs, such as Pclass and
> Nsim (see http://delta-intkey.com/www/classification.htm), but these have
> not yet been converted to run in 64-bit Windows. It also includes many
> batch files to automate various operations, such as generating a Web
> distribution. See http://delta-intkey.com/www/programs-list.htm for a
> complete list of the programs available.
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