[delta-l] New release of CSIRO DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au
Wed Aug 31 12:56:31 CEST 2016

- From: Jeremy Bruhl

> How do these newly released versions differ from that version available
> from ALA? Does your release supersede the ALA version? Does the ALA
> version need the same updates?

The second paragraph at http://delta-intkey.com/www/programs.htm states:

"The programs were originally written for Microsoft Windows by the CSIRO 
Division of Entomology, and were ported by The Atlas of Living Australia 
(ALA) to run under Windows or Mac OS X. This document describes how to 
download and configure the CSIRO version. The ALA version is available at 
http://downloads.ala.org.au/p/Open DELTA/."

The two sets of programs are based on different source code, and therefore 
have different sets of bugs :-). The CSIRO programs currently work in 
Windows only. The ALA programs work in Windows and Mac OS X, and require 
the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The ALA port includes only the DELTA Editor, Confor, Dist, Key, and 
Intkey. These are intended to have the same functionality as the CSIRO 

The CSIRO DELTA System includes several other programs, such as Pclass and 
Nsim (see http://delta-intkey.com/www/classification.htm), but these have 
not yet been converted to run in 64-bit Windows. It also includes many 
batch files to automate various operations, such as generating a Web 
distribution. See http://delta-intkey.com/www/programs-list.htm for a 
complete list of the programs available.

Mike Dallwitz
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