[delta-l] Accessing images from a downloaded Intkey dataset

Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au
Fri Oct 5 03:45:20 CEST 2012

- From: Dilys Vela
- Subject: Initiating Delta-Key

> With your help, I was able to make it work. Actually, I needed it to
> go to the Delta folder and Unzip the "intkeyw" file to be able to get
> the "intkey.ink" file.
> This dataset is the grass one, and I can not see pictures. Actually,
> only when I use the web page link is when I have the option of the
> picture, but as I said I can't see it using the key from my laptop.

I'll assume you're using the original Intkey, not the ALA version. The 
latter should work in much the same way, but I haven't checked it it detail.

When you finish working with a key from the Web, Intkey displays the 
message 'Do you want to save the data set you have just downloaded and 
used on your own disk?'. If you click 'Yes', it saves two files: an Intkey 
'startup' file, and a zipfile containing the main data. In the case of the 
dataset 'Grass Genera of the World' (http://delta-intkey.com/grass/), 
these files are webstart.ink and intkeyw.zip.

If you specify the folder D:\scratch\grass\ in which to save the key, the 
file webstart.ink contains


When you open this file with Intkey, the program first looks for the data 
file intkeyw.zip in the same folder as the startup file, i.e. 
D:\scratch\grass\, where it would normally be. However, if it isn't there, 
it gets it from its original location on the Web, as specified in the 
'DataFile' variable.

The file intkeyw.zip includes a file intkey.ink, which starts with the lines

*FILE TAXA iitems
*FILE CHAR ichars
*FILE INPUT startup.inp
*FILE INPUT toolbar.inp

If you unzip all of the contents of intkeyw.zip into a single folder, and 
you open intkey.ink in this folder (which I think is what you've done), 
the program will find the main data files iitems and ichars in the same 
folder. But it /won't/ find the images and 'information' (such as the 
complete RTF descriptions), because they are not available in the 
specified subfolders 'images' and 'info'.

However, if you open the saved dataset from D:\scratch\grass\webstart.ink, 
which you should normally do, the ImagePath and InfoPath specified there 
override the ones specified in intkey.ink, and the program will access the 
images and descriptions from the Web.

Alternatively, you could download all the images and descriptions into the 
local folders D:\scratch\grass\images\ and D:\scratch\grass\info\. Then 
they will be available locally when you open intkey.ink.

Mike Dallwitz
Contact information: http://delta-intkey.com/contact/dallwitz.htm
DELTA home page: http://delta-intkey.com

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