[delta-l] Exporting DELTA-format data from Intkey

Les Watson leswatson at westnet.com.au
Sat Jan 21 05:12:29 CET 2012

 > Is it possible to use available data sets and you can mention in the
 > material and methods or as a used references or by permission from
 > the author?!

 >> If someone wants the original, unpublished DELTA data, including
 >> all the details lost in converting to Intkey, they must negotiate
 >> .....


Why not send an email asking for the data, and outlining why you want 
them? How many authors will make you 'negotiate'? For example, the 
Watson & Dallwitz packages at delta-intkey.com carry statements to the 
effect that, " ... complete Delta data sets can be donated to any 
professional or amateur biologist or organization interested in using 
them or developing them further" - on the assumption that sources will 
be appropriately acknowledged in any resulting publications. In 
addition, an inexpensive DVD carries folders containing the complete 
Delta files and illustrations for all the data sets. The latter are in 
fully operational form for potential users who have installed the Delta 

Unfortunately, some active practitioners may now be forbidden by their 
employers from behaving in this fashion. In a bygone age, I happily gave 
comparative taxonomic data, including original observations, to the 
(very few!) people who inquired after them. Subsequently, this 
necessitated ignoring commercially-orientated directives from our Vice 
Chancellor's office as being alien to my concept of a university.


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