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Dear Hans,

I do not know which version you have tried, but the latest Taxasoft version could only produce strict dichotomous keys (each species only occurring once in the key), calculated the best characters to use to choose from, that make a balanced key.

Any way, after some decades of GUIs, an interactive MSDOS program has to be declared as dead, I suppose. We will move to Internet programming and dito use of data sets/keys etc.

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Dear Eric,

>From the beginning I knew this, and I tried it. But Kconi of Pankey was so much better that I preferred that. It allows you to choose the character you want, the most obvious (for the user) or the character that divides the rest of the taxa in two equal portions. You can play with it two make the best key possible. Very easily you can make partial keys for different distributions, a key based on flowering specimens, and one based on fruiting specimens. All things that are very useful in flora's. And for the editors you really must make dichotomous keys. (At least for this editor).
If you use delta's tokey, this all is impossible or at least very complicated.

The problem with kconi is that it is not completely compatible with delta, and it does not run under windows (for younger people, who always used windows, that makes it really too difficult).

Hans Nooteboom
Editor of Flora Malesiana

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