[delta-l] Using keys on smartphones etc.

Richard Müller mueller.eisborn at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 11 14:57:36 CET 2011

I did only very little programming myelf, so please apologize my
simple understandigs.

2011/11/11 Chris Flemming <chris.flemming.ala at gmail.com>:
> Hi All,
> Unfortunately the open-delta port of the Delta suite will not be able
> to be run unmodified on smartphones. Java code cannot be run on iOS -
> the operating system used by Apple products (iPhones, iPads and
> iPods). Android phones and tablets run software written in Davlic,
> which is similar very similar to Java, but uses a completely different
> API. It would be theoretically possible to port the code to Android,
> however it would not be a trivial exercise.

The german Wikipedia-Page "Android" says:
Um eigene Programme für Android zu entwickeln, benötigt man ein
aktuelles Java-SDK und zusätzlich das Android-SDK. Zuerst wird der in
Java geschriebene Quelltext mit einem normalen Java-Compiler übersetzt
und dann von einem Cross-Assembler für die Dalvik-VM angepasst. Aus
diesem Grund können Programme prinzipiell mit jeder
Java-Entwicklungsumgebung erstellt werden.
(To develop own programs for Android you need a recent Java-SDK and
additionally the Android-SDK. First the Java source code is translated
with a standard Java compiler and then adapted with a cross-assembler
for the Dalvik-VM. Therefore programs can be written in principle with
every Java Development Toolkit).
(I took the German Wikipedia page because this subject is covered
better than on the english page).
On Pro-Linux.de (Aug. 12, 2011) I found: A group of developers found a
way to run normal Java applications on Apple-iPads and Android devices
But no details seem to be known yet.
> One possible way forward would be to create a web service to allow
> clients to load and access delta datasets.
> In our work on the Open-Delta project we have strived to modularise
> the code as much as possible. This will simplify the development of
> such a web service.

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