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My opinion, based on watching a bunch of other projects, is that it can go
either way, but good design at the outset makes it MUCH easier to port

You want a thoroughly modular design:

* A database.
* An API to form queries, and parse results from the database.
* A communication channel to move queries and results between the dataabase
and the GUI
* A GUI to present the data and get input from the user.

Each module has a small 'glue' layer to talk to the next one.  This handles
the quirks of the next module.

The database can reside locally on the phone/computer , or on a remote
server.  It can be any of the standard ones, or you can roll your own.
Since it's mostly read only, you have a bunch of concurrency problems that
don't happen, so most of the standard ones are overkill.

If the communication channel uses a sockets interface then the difference
between local access and network access in minimized.  Local is done on the
loopback interface

If they are well done modules you should be able to replace any module and
at most only have to modify some of the the software glue on the adjacent
module.  If it's done right, the glue layer is embedded in the module
itself, so you define a standard API for each module.

Usually this goes through several iterations.  It's hard to anticipate what
each API needs when you do the first one.  As you write more
interchangeable modules, you get better an abstracting the essentials.

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