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  I'm not a programmer of that sort of stuff, but I've talked to people who
say that implementing RTF is hard.  I've also heard that even MS doesn't
get it right.  The same RTF document will render differently in different
versions of MS Word, Wordpad, and NotePad.  And I've often saved RTF on one
platform to find that on another platform MS wouldn't even open the file,
let alone render it.

  Anyway -- One of the things that the web people keep stressing:  Keep
content and formatting as far apart as possible.

One of the things that comes up in Unix over and over:  One task, one
program.  Small programs chained together.

What does this mean?

Perhaps Delta should have ONE output format.  It can be a text version of
the database, or xml, or Markdown.  The first two, IMHO are the better
option.  A separate program converts the output format to RTF, or HTML, or
PDF, or LaTeX.  Or perhaps 4 separate programs, one for each.  This means
that if someone wants FOO output (A new format catching on with geeks
everywhere...) only ONE program needs to be modified, and the database and
gui people aren't involved.

By separating them this way, redoing the code for mobile becomes a lot
easier.  The mobile version doesn't include printing, at least by default.
Few mobile phones have access to printers, although this may be changing.

The mobile has to be able to exchange updates with it's parent computer
perhaps, or possibly a server somewhere.

So while the rtf module may need to be patched right now to fix it for now,
in the long run, delta shouldn't know about RTF at all.


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