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- From: Volker Bittrich
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> I am not sure how to save a selected set of taxa. I need only the grass 
> genera of São Paulo state in Brazil, some 104 currently known, and I 
> guess there is another way than selecting these each time I want to run 
> the Delta Grass genera key (

You should define a taxon keyword specifying the required subset, then 
restrict operations to that subset via 'Settings > Include > Taxa...' (or 
'include taxa ...' on the command line).

In 'Grass Genera of the World', 42 geographical subsets are already 
defined, and can be invoked via a special toolbar button. For example, a 
South American subset is defined and invoked in the file

*SHOW List of South American genera adapted from Nicora and Rugulo
de Agrasar (1987), 'Los Generos de Gramineas de America Austral'.

*DEFINE NAMES "samerica"
      Aciachne, Acroceras, Aegopogon, Agenium, Agnesia, Agropyron,
      Agrostis, Aira, Alopecurus, Ammophila, Amphibromus, ...

*INCLUDE TAXA samerica

Using a text editor, create a similar file, and invoke it via 
'File > File > Input >' (or 'file input' on 
the command line).

If you have downloaded the key to your own computer, you can make it start 
with this subset by adding the line


to the initialization file

For further information, see my DELTA-L posting 'Intkey - saving subsets 
of characters and taxa for later use', 21 July 1998.

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