Thomas Kluyver takowl at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 17 21:47:34 CEST 2010

- From: Mauro Cavalcanti

> I would like to ask just why a modern DELTA system should ever be 
> restricted to the Windows operating  system

Mauro, as I understand it from this thread, it's a matter of 
pragmatism, not a deliberate restriction. The software can apparently 
be reworked to run on newer Windows relatively easily, but recreating 
it in a cross platform manner would take a lot more time. I hope that 
the new version will run more successfully under WINE.

I'd like to second Buz Wilson's suggestion to open the code for DELTA. 
Of course it's no substitute for formal projects improving the 
software, but if people are interested and capable of contributing, it 
could be a complimentary approach. There are several good, free 
project-hosting services.


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