Using VirtualBox to run DELTA programs under Windows 7

Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at NETSPEED.COM.AU
Thu Aug 5 02:05:14 CEST 2010

- From: Yves Braet
- To: Mike Dallwitz

Please could you post on the forum about DELTA this topic. I can't 
register as my office ICT stops the process.

On my new portable PC with Windows 7, I have tried to run the DELTA 
programs. All is correctly installed but Confor and others don't run. On 
the forum I have seen that a virtual machine running Win XP could be a 
solution. I have tried the Microsoft VM but I have had a lot of little 
bugs (especially in the use of the mouse and in the exchange of data 
between the host and the guest). Few days ago I discovered the Oracle VM 
VirtualBox. It runs better than the Microsoft and its installation is very 
easy. All of the old DELTA programs run correctly and exchange is 
perfectly easy and smooth. Please follow the link below to download it:

Mike Dallwitz
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