Linux Unified Kernel Aims to Combine Linux, NT Kernel

Mauro Cavalcanti maurobio at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 1 20:38:40 CEST 2009

Dear Joe & ALL,

- From: Buz Wilson

> Adding modules to the Linux kernel is a complicated process, and 
> adding the MS Windows baggage to the kernel will be problematic, given 
> that that has to be reverse engineered (if it isn't MicroSoft will 
> almost certainly chase them in the courts, and may do litagate 
> anyway). I suspect that the LINUX developer community will be cautious 
> about this, and may not get involved if it breaks the standard Open 
> Source License.

That's quite right. Any suggestions of "integrating" the free, open 
source code of GNU/Linux with Micro$$oft's proprietary code looks naive 
at best. I cannot help but emphasize that GNU/Linux is *not* just 
another technological project - it is also a philosophical and 
political one.

> Virtualisation (e.g., VMWare, VirtualBox, Xen, Parallels for Mac) is 
> THE solution for running DELTA on Windows (later versions like Vista 
> or Windows 7), Linux or Mac OS X right now. DELTA runs fine under 
> Windows 98, NT or XP, so you can

That is it.


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