Windows Vista incompatibility

John M. Foster Beachbugs at AOL.COM
Wed Feb 6 03:32:08 CET 2008


I tried Andy Boring's procedure to get Delta to run in Vista. I don't 
have Vista Business, but Home Basic. I dragged the Delta folder off a 
thumb drive on to my Vista desktop and followed Andy's instructions. 
However, when I clicked on the Delta Editor, the cursor spun and stopped 
without action. I tried the Run as Administrator command, but still upon 
opening data bases I was prompted to find a program to run the file.

I would be interested if anyone has had any luck with Home Basic. With 
all the versions of Vista out there, this is probably the least likely 
to run Delta, but I would appreciate any input to the contrary. 
Fortunately, my XP machines run the program just fine.

Thanks to Andy for the suggestion.

John M. Foster
Department of Coastal Sciences
The University of Southern Mississippi
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

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