Windows Vista incompatibility

Andy Boring andy.boring at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 6 01:26:54 CET 2008


I have some good news. I was able to install and run Delta in Windows 
Vista Business. I copied the Delta folder (from a machine running XP) 
onto a USB drive. I dragged the folder onto the desktop and started to 
see what applications would open. Most of the applications opened, 
except for Delta. Again, when I clicked on the icon to execute the 
application, the computer acted like it wanted to open it up and then 
abruptly stopped. I right clicked on the Delta application icon and had 
the option to 'Run as Administrator'. After I chose that, a pop-up 
appeared and I told it that Delta was a safe application, and it ran 
fine after that. I've opened a data matrix with no problem, but I 
haven't gotten in much further.

I'm not certain where the problem lies, but it was very helpful to know 
that Susan Farmer was able to run it after copying it from her hard 
drive. I basically followed suit and then ran it as administrator. I 
hope this helps.


P.S. it is strange running Delta in a virtual windows environment thru a 
mac, but it is working for the moment.

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