Image URLs in Delta Editor

Mike Dallwitz M.J.Dallwitz at
Tue Jun 6 05:09:27 CEST 2006

- From: Aysha Prather

> I have not been able to use URLs to point to image files in the Delta 
> Editor, because there seems to be a character-length limitation on 
> URLs.

This is a bug in the DELTA Editor: the 'Select Image to Add' dialog 
won't accept URLs longer than 39 characters.

You can work around the bug by editing the 'Taxon images' or 'Character 
images' file via 'View > Action Sets'.

Alternatively, make a local copy of the image file. An advantage of this 
approach is that people will be able to use the products from a CD 
without needing access to the Internet.

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