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Fri Jun 24 11:33:48 CEST 2005

- From: Eric Gouda
- To: Mike Dallwitz

> Is there a possibility to show an item picture right away when there 
> is one item left in the identification process of Intkey? We saw 
> something in the helpfile, but it seems not to work.

Add the following line to

*DEFINE ENDIDENTIFY "illustrate taxa remaining"

This feature was intended for earlier versions of Intkey, and although 
it still works, I advise against using it. In the current version, the 
'Information' button provides easy and flexible access to information 
about any taxon at any stage of the identification. Automatic display of 
an illustration at the end of every identification can be annoying, 
especially when the data are on the Web and the image files are large.

You can easily try the feature on existing Web datasets by entering the 
necessary command interactively. Set Advanced Mode, then select 
'Settings > Define > Endidentify > illustrate taxa remaining', and then 
return to Normal Mode. (The feature is turned off by default in Advanced 
Mode; if you want to use it in Advanced Mode, select 'Settings > Display 
> Endidentify > On'). I suggest trying it with 'The Families of Spiders 
Represented in the British Isles' (

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