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Mike Dallwitz M.Dallwitz at NETSPEED.COM.AU
Wed Jun 15 07:26:00 CEST 2005

- From: Eric Gouda
- To: Mike Dallwitz

> I would like to have our data set for Arisaema online. It is already 
> running on a local machine and I have looked into the file 
> [The Families of Flowering Plants] to find out how to put the data 
> available online. What should be included in the zip file?

The zipfile must include all the files used by Intkey, other than those 
accessed via the 'Information' button (images and descriptions), and 
those provided with the Intkey program.

The zipfile must contain at least, ichars, and iitems. Also, 
you might need a 'contents' file (e.g. contents.ind or contents.htm), a 
toolbar file (e.g. toolbar.inp), RTF or HTML files containing an 
introduction, references, etc. (e.g. intro.rtf or intro.htm), and images 
for toolbar buttons (other than the button images provided with Intkey).

For more information, see Section 7.2 of the DELTA User's Guide 

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