Real numbers in Intkey

Kevin Thiele K.Thiele at CBIT.UQ.EDU.AU
Thu Sep 2 06:17:07 CEST 2004

- From: Mike Dallwitz

> Incidentally, in Lucid 3 neither the Builder nor the Player implements 
> 'implied precision', contrary to Kevin's claims.

Lucid3 is being released in several stages. The first release (released 
earlier this year) is very basic and doesn't do the rounding (it treats 
numeric values and ranges in the same inadequate way as Lucid2 and 
IntKey). We realised the problem Darrel describes several months go, and 
have implemented rounding as I described for release 2 (still at beta 
stage, but due for release later this year).

[Tested on Lucid Player V3.5.2, released 28/07/2010. The implied 
precision of coded values is more or less as stated in Kevin's posting 
of 25 August 2005. There is no implied precision of input values: an 
input value of 3 does not match a coded value of 0.31. MJD September 

Cheers - k

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