DELTA, Lucid, and the Nexus Data Editor

Mauro J. Cavalcanti maurobio at ACD.UFRJ.BR
Fri May 14 17:11:03 CEST 2004

- From: Mike Dallwitz

> NDE has options for importing and exporting DELTA data, but these 
> sometimes fail. Attempting to import the DELTA sample data fails with 
> the error message: 'Undocumented error, offending token = ""'. If you 
> use Confor to convert the sample data to Nexus format, open the 
> resulting Nexus file in NDE, and export to DELTA format, an invalid 
> DELTA 'specifications' file is produced.

The FORCON (FORmat CONversion) program of the Free DELTA software suite 
(currently under development) will offer a better treatment of NEXUS data 
files than NDE and will be able to export DELTA data into NEXUS format. 
The Lucid format will not be supported by Free DELTA.


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