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Mauro J. Cavalcanti maurobio at ACD.UFRJ.BR
Wed May 12 14:42:51 CEST 2004

- From: Robin Wilson

> Perhaps the best opportunity to rectify this problem is indeed to 
> facilitate the move to open-source model, however success would depend 
> on a well organised commitment from a number of users who with 
> programming skills. I am not sure that the Linux model should be taken 
> as an encouraging analogy; that community undoubtedly had vastly more 
> programming talent at their disposal than does the DELTA community. 
> Still, I look forward to being proven wrong. I for one would be happy 
> to adopt Linux to get a better, future-proof DELTA.

When I refer to the "Linux model" is an emblematic model of free, 
open-source software development and distribution, as espoused by the 
Free Software Foundation (www.fsf.org) and The GNU Project 
(www.gnu.org). Hundreds of open- source projects of all sizes and levels 
of complexity are underway right now along the referred model.

> Perhaps, if significant redevelopment is required, Java would be a 
> better (more portable multi-platform) way to go than C?

I strongly disagree. I do not see Java as a really efficient software 
development platform and the idea of "write once, run everywhere" is 
flawed when you try to run even small Java applets (not to mention large 
Java apps) in more modest machines (yes, we still hava a lot of them 
here in the tropics). Instead, a much more efficient way is the "write 
once, compile everywhere" idea, making full use of the very good and 
optimized C++ compilers (GNU, Borland).

Hope this helps.


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