DELTA source code - correction

Trevor Whiffin t.whiffin at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Wed May 12 10:30:33 CEST 2004

Dear All

I will write to correct a point in my last email, before too many people 
write to inform me of my mistake. I note on checking some old emails, 
and have had it confirmed off-list, that the recent Windows versions of 
the CSIRO DELTA programs were written in C++.

The earlier MSDOS versions, for which the source code was made 
available, were written in FORTRAN. However, the Windows versions were 
in C++. It was a somewhat proprietary version of C++ in that it used a 
proprietary library to interface between the code and the Windows API, 
and this is now out of date.

Personally I prefer to write in C and make direct calls to the Windows 
API. This makes for tighter code and smaller executables, and is less 
dependent on a particular compiler. It is also easier to keep up to 
date. Nevertheless, it is still dependent on Windows and is not easily 
ported to other platforms. Others would program in different ways, but 
this has suited my own program development efforts.



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