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Mauro Cavalcanti maurobio at ACD.UFRJ.BR
Tue May 11 17:52:33 CEST 2004

Dear Computer Taxonomists,

First of all, I cannot help but say that I am delighted to see that 
*finally* there have started a serious discussion in this list regarding 
the future development of the DELTA system.

- From: George (Buz) Wilson

> The list members here might discuss how an open DELTA project should 
> be run, one based on the original code but with an ongoing program of 
> enhancing

There *IS* an open source DELTA project underway since April, 2000. This 
is the "Free DELTA" initiative ( led by 
myself with some help of French and US volunteers. The project has 
progressed slowly - ironically, because up to now the "list members" of 
DELTA-L never mind to discuss and engage in it, depite my regular posts 
on this list. I of course cannot accept plainly such a statement as "the 
list members here might discuss how an open DELTA project should be 
run". The project is right now about to be embraced by a large Brazilian 
governmental scientific institution and fast progress is expected as a 
result. As an aside, I am glad to tell you that over the last ten years 
there has been a growing number of DELTA users in Brazil.

> The various open software projects are good models, but these require 
> a effort at maintaining a central code base. If the DELTA software 
> code becomes open source, we will not be helped by multiple 
> independent forks in the code; average users may lose track of which 
> version, or *whose* version, that they are using, and 
> incompatibilities (or bugs) might be introduced that could damage 
> research

There are *plenty* of very sucessful open source projects underway all 
over the world - with GNU/Linux surely appearing foremost among them - 
and I fail to see *why* an open source DELTA should be different from 
this in any way.


Mauro J. Cavalcanti
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Zoologia,
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