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Mike Dallwitz mike.dallwitz at NETSPEED.COM.AU
Mon May 10 03:09:19 CEST 2004

- From: Steve Shattuck

> I'm not sure calling the developers/legal owners of DELTA "immoral and 
> irresponsible" is a particularly clever way to encourage their 
> engagement with the broader community.

It did encourage the first public statement from CSIRO on this topic 
since the DELTA project ended more than 3 years ago.

> It's not as simple as just "making the source code available". The 
> compilers/libraries used for the DELTA development are no longer 
> available and licenses for these will need to be transfered as well.

This is for prospective developers to worry about. In any case, the 
software should be ported to a currently supported development 
environment (this was being planned when the project was terminated).

Incidentally, I would have maintained the Fortran programs myself, if 
given the opportunity. To do so, I would have had to buy a new Fortran 
development environment.

> Also, instructions on setting up the development environment may be 
> required, as well as scripts for actually compiling the source code. 
> While none of this is particularly difficult, it will take time and 
> effort (and therefore cost money).

Again, this is not CSIRO's responsibility. The people with this 
knowledge are no longer employed by CSIRO Entomology.

> CSIRO is now considering other options.

This sounds to me like management-speak for 'CSIRO is doing nothing'. 
Now if they were _actively_ considering other options ... :-)

> CSIRO will decide the future of the DELTA source code by the end of 
> this year (2004).

At least they can't be accused of rushing into this. That will be 4 
years from the termination of the project - a long time in the software 

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