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- From: Mauro J. Cavalcanti

> CSIRO DELTA System *should* have been turned into a FREE, OPEN SOURCE 
> project! *Who* benefits from the current state of affairs?

The developers of competing software.

> I think that it is the entire DELTA user community which should ask 
> the CSIRO bureaucrats to put the programs of the DELTA system in the 
> public domain (perhaps starting with the members of the former DELTA 
> development team themselves).

In July 2002, I asked CSIRO some questions about their policies on the 
DELTA software. They replied as follows.

Q. Registration/payment for use of the programs.

A. We are not charging for the use of DELTA

Q. User support.

A. We are using the DELTA-L list server for this. We also answer 
questions sent to delta at [All support from CSIRO has now 
ceased. MD]

Q. Bug fixes and enhancements.

A. These have stopped and the source code frozen.

Q. Availability of the source code.

A. The current plan is that we will transfer DELTA development to 
[another organization] as soon as they are ready. If this fails, then we 
will release the DELTA source code to the broader community on the DELTA 
web site as well as on Source Forage. In any event, our current position 
is that DELTA should be made as widely available as possible with as few 
restrictions as possible.

In March of this year, I wrote to CSIRO again, as follows.

    Has any decision been made on the fate of the source code? Unless
    the transfer to [another organization] has already taken place, I
    think it would be reasonable, after this period of time, to deem
    these negotiations to have failed, and to make other arrangements.
    I would like to have the use of the source code, in case I am able
    to arrange for bug fixes and further development.

I have not received a reply.

> It is always worth remembering ... that, in its beginnings, the CSIRO 
> DELTA programs were distributed as FORTRAN source code - in the best 
> spirit of free software

We were forced by management to discontinue this practice, and to start 
charging for the programs.

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