Putting an INTKEY key on CD

Daniel Arthur Crowdus dacrow0 at UKY.EDU
Thu Jun 6 22:25:06 CEST 2002

I need to put a set of keys on CDs for a course being taught next week. 
We have one key that will take the user from family to subfamily, and 
then many keys which will go from subfamily to genus. It would be ideal 
to use the index file in Intkey to reference all of these different 
keys, but is this possible to do without installing the software? Not 
having to actually install Intkey is the goal here. I noticed in the 
Beetles of the World key published by CSIRO that all one has to do is 
click on Intkey.exe to start the key. Any suggestions as to the most 
efficent method for pulling this off?

Dan Crowdus (for Dr. Mike Sharkey)
Dept. of Entomology
University of Kentucky

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