New tools for morphological data management

Julian Humphries humphries at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Fri Sep 21 01:28:25 CEST 2001

- From: Roderic D. M. Page

> I'd just like to second Tony's comments on cross platform support. 
> There really isn't an excuse in this day and age for not supporting 
> multiple platforms. Many people use Windows, but many do not. There is 
> a large Mac community in systematics that should be considered, as 
> well as some movement to Linux.

Another opinion in support of multi-platform. And while I think 
wxWindows is a viable option, I would not exclude Java. Two freeware 
Java applications that show the depths of what is possible with Java are 
ImageJ (from NIH) and LimeWire (the peer-to-peer file sharing program). 
Both include lots of widgets, interface options, and are speedy. ImageJ 
is particularly apt as it includes a specification for allowing user 
built plugins, which is a great feature for the type of application you 
are planning (maybe more than great, practically essential).

Julian Humphries
University of Texas

P.S. Oh yea, I forgot Mesquite, the "new" generation of MacClade which 
is also written in Java and includes a plugin capability.

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