New tools for morphological data management

Mauro J. Cavalcanti maurobio at ACD.UFRJ.BR
Thu Sep 20 14:58:24 CEST 2001

> Your project aims to develop a new tool, so you really should think 
> seriously about multiplatform support. If any of your programmers tell 
> you this can't be done then get better programmers.

Well done, Rod! Over the last five years I have also making quite the 
same point - that if you are serious about scientific software 
development and use a serious programming language like C++ and 
associated tools (like the superb wxWindows class library), then there 
is no excuse for not supporting multiple platforms.

Multiple platform support is also one of the first aims of the FreeDELTA 
that I have been conducting with Denis Ziegler.


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