Nested character states

Jaan Palisaar jpalisaar at GMX.DE
Fri Sep 14 23:10:45 CEST 2001

Dear collegues,

some years ago I came across a demo of an identification program called 
IDENTFIND. It was a (german) DOS program with a VERY basic interface, 
but it was small and efficient and had a very useful feature: you could 
nest character states; e.g. the character <color of flowers> could have 
the character state "blue" and nested inside "blue" could be "reddish 
blue", "dark blue", "bright blue" or whatever. So if the enduser is not 
sure, he/she can choose the "parent character state" and get everything 
which is included. Or if you are coding the habitat type it would be 
very useful to do things like


I'm quite new to DELTA (working with DeltaAccess) but haven't seen 
anything like this. Is there anything I missed or is there any other 
program which is capable of doing things like this?

Thanks for any comments
Jaan Palisaar

Jaan Palisaar
AG Naturschutz II, FB Biologie
Philipps University Marburg
35032 Marburg

e-mail: palisaar at

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