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Mike Dallwitz md at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Mon Nov 6 04:49:44 CET 2000

- From: Bill Malcolm
- To: DELTA User Support

> Can Intkey take colour bitmaps as LucID does, or would you recommend 
> some other format?

The format of Intkey images can be BMP (Windows bitmap - as used by 
LucID), GIF, or JPEG. BMP files display more quickly than the other 
formats, but usually take up much more disk space. For example, a 
700x1218pixel image occupied 2.55MB in BMP format, compared with 0.23MB 
in JPEG format. On a 133MHz computer, displaying the images from the 
hard disk in Intkey took about 1 second and 5 seconds, respectively. For 
accessing images over the Internet, the time taken to transmit the file 
outweighs the time taken to decode it; BMP format is impractical for 
this purpose, except for small images.

It's easy to convert all your images from one format to another, and to 
scale them (if necessary) at the same time. For more information, see 
'An Introduction to Computer Images' at

> Does Intkey impose size and orientation restrictions on its images?

No. By default, images that are too large for the screen are 
automatically scaled to fit. You can easily turn off the scaling, and 
scroll around the image to see all the detail.

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