Undoing operations in Intkey

Mike Dallwitz md at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Wed Nov 1 05:07:06 CET 2000

- From: Laurie Jessup

> When using Intkey for identification and I arrive at a single taxon 
> remaining I may not be sure about my choice of the last character 
> used.
> If I go to the command line and delete that character the previous 
> group of taxa remaining returns but no characters return to the 
> characters available window.

This was a bug, arising only when a character was deleted via the 
command line. It has now been fixed. The new version is available both 
in the main installation files (delt32.exe and intk32.exe) and in the 
'test' directory (intk32t.exe).

This version also makes the 'Multiple images' option available from the 
'Information' dialog, and corrects problems with output files and with 
accessing NT servers over the Net.

> On the other hand if I reselect the last used character and nullify 
> its effect by choosing all states ...

The recommended way to delete a character is to select _no_ states - 
that is, deselect the ones you have already used. This is described in 
the help for the 'Restart identification' button:

    If, at any stage, you think you have made a mistake and want to
    correct it, click on the appropriate character in the ‘Used
    Characters’ (bottom-left) pane. The program again displays the box
    for selecting character states or entering values, and you can
    change the information you previously entered. You can remove the
    character from the identification by clearing all the information.

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