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Tue Apr 13 03:12:45 CEST 1999

- From: Steven Culliver

> Be careful. Unicode is not the same as ISO8859-1, and Netscape (and 
> other browers, except IE) often use ISO8859-1 as their default. Thus 
> the standard hash-codes for browsers actually based on ISO.
> The whole issue gets more complicated when you use the browser to read 
> web pages other than 8859-1, such ISO 8859-2 which is eastern european 
> characters. This can be the default settings for some browsers so 
> careful with assumptions.

The Unicode character set is backwards compatible to the iso-8859-1 
character set, meaning that all the characters in iso-8859-1 map to the 
same character in Unicode. So in that respect, Unicode is indeed the 
same as iso-8859-1. Browsers set to read Unicode see the pages as 
intended. The difference is that Unicode is a much larger character set, 
designed for a truly *World Wide* Web, not just the english-speaking 

.From the Unicode website: "Java, Windows NT, AIX, NetWare 4.0, 
QuickDraw GX [Macintosh graphics API], are but a few of the 
applications, which are Unicode Standard compliant."

This means that the desktop operating systems are either compliant or 
nearly there. Sure, be careful, but not too careful!

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