[Admin]: Automatic replies to the list

Ben Richardson benr at CALM.WA.GOV.AU
Tue Apr 13 02:42:34 CEST 1999

- From: Bernard Baum

> It is not "plain bad netiquette".I get tonnes of e-mail requests. The 
> minimum one can do is to inform colleagues not to expect an immediate 
> answer for a good reason, such as away on business or holidays. I am 
> very sorry about this. If you have a clue on how to accommodate both, 
> I will be very glad to follow your suggestion such as temporarily get 
> out of the subscription. However, what about the rest of the 
> subscriptions which are different? This is something that will need to 
> be programmed, by whom? Do you have a clue how to program rules 
> different than current possibilities and practice?

I am sorry if this feels like a focus on you Bernard. It is not about 
you. It has happened quite a few times on this list.

However, I fail to see why 300 people on the list need to see an 
automatic reply from someone on holidays every time someone else posts 
to the list. That is not good netiquette.

I understand perfectly that people may want automatic replies to direct 
messages, but please either setup your email client to ignore mailing 
lists (the better ones do this), or simply follow the instructions in my 
original message.

The instructions of course only apply to the Delta-L mailing list, but 
other lists you subscribe to will usually have a similar option to 
suspend delivery of mail.

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