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Carolyn Weiller carolyn at RSBS-CENTRAL.ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 26 05:30:35 CET 1997

Workshop Announcement


An introductory course to the DELTA system will be held at the 
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, July 7-11th 1997.

The course will cover:
   the establishment of character lists
   data coding
   output of natural language descriptions
   generation of printed keys
   developing and using INTKEY sets
   incorporating images and INTIMATE (INTkey IMage AnnoTation Editor)
   the output of files for phenetic and cladistic programs

The course will be led by Drs Carolyn Weiller and An Van den Borre 
(Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU) and Les Waton (Albany and 
Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU).

Further details and registration information are available from the 
following URL:

Registration: Closes June 6th.

Cost: $200.

Dr. Carolyn Weiller
Research School of Biological Sciences
Australian National University
Phone:  61 6 249 4841
Fax: 61 6 249 4437
email: carolyn at

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