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Gregor Hagedorn hagedorn at FUB46.ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Mar 24 10:41:15 CET 1997


>> It would be nice if just clicking on the FullText button again 
>> the full text windows would be closed (like a switch). That will 
>> increase the speed when you browse the characters or any list 
>> displayed in the dialog boxes.
> This is not a standard Windows mechanism. While it might be 
> convenient, it would make the interface less consistent, and harder to 
> learn.

I disagree. Most programs use some kind of pop-up windows, which can be 
toggled by a button. Usually these buttons are in the toolbar though, 
all Microsoft office programms have buttons there which will toggle the 
display e.g. of another toolbar (for drawing) or property windows).

You are right as to that pop-up windows should look different from 
normal windows to reduce the possible confusion you mention.


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