Greg Rutter G.Rutter at CTPM.UQ.EDU.AU
Mon Mar 24 00:39:53 CET 1997

- From: Alex R. Chapman

> And secondly, I have heard (scurrilous rumour no. 3257!) that LucID 
> has some major restrictions on matrix size, so how realistic is to 
> suggest whole floras/monographs can be published this way?

Hi Alex,

This wasn't a scurrilous rumour for the early version. The Beta that was 
released (and the demos) used a matrix of integers that held information 
about particular states. This was easy for the beta-testers to edit and 
worked well with small keys. It did however put a limitation on the size 
of the keys, mainly due to the time it took to load. Because of this we 
replaced the integer matrix with a bitmap where every pixel has a colour 
that represents a value, rather then a number. This system loads the 
data matrix almost instantly and gets rid of most of the limitations.

Greg Rutter
University of Queensland

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