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David Yeates d.yeates at MAILBOX.UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 19 09:08:15 CET 1997

- From: Guido Sabatinelli

> It will be nice if it will be possible for to pay, once for ever, a 
> dedicated registration of player for our data base and then to be free 
> to distribute a running data base.

Dear Guido

It is very refreshing to hear of a national research institute that does 
not charge for its services or products!

We realise the situation you are in and have structured our prices 

There are a number of different ways in which you can purchase LucID. I 
have already mentioned some in a previous posting. Here I list a number 
of common options.

1. Lucid player, plus the DELTA translator, Key to Insect Orders and a 
number of demonstration keys all on a CD-ROM. This package includes a 
full- colour, 80 page manual and we anticipate selling it for 50 
Australian dollars.

2. The Builder package that would include all the above plus the Builder 
program plus a Builder instruction manual, for somewhere between 200 and 
300 dollars.

3. A license to sell a copy of the player with a key that you have 
produced (using the builder). We are attempting to keep this licensing 
fee as low as possible. At the moment the cost per licence varies 
between 5 and ten dollars, depending on volume and beta testing input. 
In your case the fee would depend on how many of the lucID keys you 
intended to distribute.

4. Copies of the printed manuals for the player and builder may be 
purchased from us for cost.

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