Intkey and LucID

Guido Sabatinelli sabatine at SUN.ISS.IT
Wed Mar 19 08:11:19 CET 1997

> We intend to keep the price of the LucID system well within the range 
> of practicing taxonomists. The Player program, including the 
> translator, key to insect Orders and a number of other demonstration 
> keys showing work in preparation, will sell for approximately 50 
> Australian dollars. We anticipate that the builder program will be 
> priced between 200 and 300 Australian dollars.

We work in a National Research Institute and our policy is to not charge 
people for our services or products. We realized a data base on DELTA 
format and we want to distribute the data base with the player without 
oblige people to register the player (in our case INTKEY - $ 200), since 
the technicians that are not taxonomists, will use just our data base.

It will be nice if it will be possible for to pay, once for ever, a 
dedicated registration of player for our data base and then to be free 
to distribute a running data base.

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