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Mon Mar 17 01:47:53 CET 1997

- From: Bryan Simon

> This discussion of the comparative features and relative merits of 
> LucID and INTKEY, both of which I find to have very useful features, 
> will be of great value to the users and developers of both packages. 
> The interchange of ideas can only be healthy and of advantage to the 
> enhancement of both systems.

I agree.

I also agree with the earlier message from David Yeates to the effect 
that standards should be the servant of our needs and develop 
accordingly. I tried to say the same thing in my earlier comments. The 
DELTA standard should be developed cooperatively by all software 
developers (which is why it is pleasing to have David Yeates' input to 
DELTA-L). I would be worried if the DELTA standard was instead developed 
competitively to the extent that the standard is no longer a standard 
(look at what Netscape and Microsoft have done to the html "standard", 
for example). From what David says about future development of Lucid 
(support for text annotations of character states etc.) I don't have too 
much to worry about.



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