Data standards, needs and programs

David Yeates d.yeates at MAILBOX.UQ.EDU.AU
Sun Mar 16 02:53:01 CET 1997


There are data standards, a choice of programs, and import and export 
functions in other software domains. Data standards and programs evolve 
over time in a vigorous science.

The DELTA data structure has been adopted as the standard for data 
exchange in taxonomic databases. However, the DELTA data structure 
itself is not optimum for a fast and efficient interactive key program.

INTKEY itself does not work on the chars, items and specs files of the 
DELTA standard. Thes files are processed, or converted, into a format 
that INTKEY uses. In the same way, LucID converts the original DELTA 
data files into a format that it can use.

The requirements of our discipline and our end-users must be kept firmly 
in the foreground. Our data standards should always remain servants of 
our aspirations.

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