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David Yeates - LucID Development Team

My message to this list was intended to alert recipients that the 
interactive key package LucID could be useful to them. It is both 
reasonable and progressive that potential users of interactive key 
systems have different products to choose from.

During the development of LucID we have strived to design a friendly and 
intuitive user interface. All reports received during beta testing 
indicate that we have been successful in this endeavour. The INTKEY user 
interface has been a persistent source of criticism, although some 
improvements have been made in recent releases. Undoubtedly, some users 
will prefer INTKEY's interface, and others will prefer LucID's.

LucID and INTKEY store different kinds of data. INTKEY stores a 
character by taxon matrix whereas LucID stores a character state by 
taxon matrix. This additional LucID information is useful in the context 
of interactive identification. Becaue of these differences in data 
storage any conversion from DELTA format to LucID format or vice versa 
will result in some loss of information.

The LucID system includes a translator program that will convert DELTA 
data into a format that LucID can use. We invite potential users to 
translate their own data sets from DELTA into LucID. In this way users 
can evaluate both programs in the context of their needs and the needs 
of their clients.

The LucID system includes a sophisticated builder module that allows 
LucID keys to be assembled easily. Again, our main goal has been to 
produce a system that is friendly and intuitive. We invite users to 
compare the LucID builder module with Taxasoft or other DELTA editors 
such as TED.

LucID has been in development for 2 years whereas INTKEY has been 
developed and refined over a period of ten years. LucID is at the 
beginning of its development phase and significant enhancements are 
slated for version 2.

We plan to release the LucID player version 1 with DELTA converter, a 
key to insect orders, and a number of demonstration keys in the very 
near future. At present we are in the final stages of editing the User 
Manual. The LucID builder is currently under beta test at a number of 
sites around the world. We expect that the LucID builder will be ready 
for general release by the middle of this year.

For further news and updates please bookmark the LucID web site:

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